TPC Fusion 2014

Today I joined the TPC of IEEE 17th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION). The conference will be held in Salamanca, Spain, 7-10th July 2014.

Potential authors are invited to submit papers describing novel ideas, advances and results in Information Fusion, both in theory and applications. Submissions on fresh, interdisciplinary topics are encouraged, including but not limited to the he following list:

  • Theory and Representation: Probability theory, Bayesian inference, random finite sets, fuzzy logic, Dempster- Shafer, evidential reasoning, belief functions, imprecise information, aggregation operators; Markov networks, description logics, ontologies.
  • Algorithms for data and information fusion: Detection, localization, signal processing, sensor registration, target recognition and classification, nonlinear filtering, target tracking, data association, particle filters; situation assessment, pattern and behavioral analysis, rule-based fusion, predictive and Impact assessment, source-specific data fusion (image fusion, video tracking, sensor networks, radar data processing, passive sensors, soft sources, etc.), knowledge fusion, context-aided fusion.
  • Fusion systems, design and Evaluation: Distributed fusion, sensor and fusion resource management, process management, active and passive fusion, hard soft data fusion, integrated systems, system design, hardware and software issues, network centric operations, high/low multi-level fusion, performance evaluation of fusion systems, benchmarks & testbeds, fusion performance modeling and evaluation.
  • Related technologies: Machine learning, pattern analysis, data mining, big data, automated reasoners, inference systems, networks & graph analysis, knowledge systems, intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, SoA architectures, formal methods, semiotics, fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, other emerging methodologies.
  • Applications: Persistent surveillance, defense and intelligence, security, robotics, autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, aerospace, aeronautics, automotive, Ambient Intelligence sensor networks, manufacturing, fault detection, anomaly detection, remote sensing, economics and financial, environmental monitoring, medical and biology technologies, emerging applications.

For additional information please check on the website.


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