Paper published in IEEE SPL 2014 (Feb. Issue)

Our journal paper

Mimetypes-pdf-icony   [J-11] || D. Ciuonzo and P. Salvo Rossi, “Decision Fusion with Unknown Sensor Detection Probability“, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 21, no. 2, pp. 1070-9908, February 2014.

appears in the current issue (Feb. 2014) of IEEE Signal Processing Letters.

The paper provides a detailed study on fusion rules which exploit the sole knowledge of the sensor false-alarm probabilities. Existing rules in the literature are theoretically compared and a locally-optimum detection (LOD) based fusion rule is derived, showing performance close to the (clairvoyant) Likelihood-ratio test.

Supplementary material is also given on IEEExplore, containing proofs and derivations.


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