Other publications

Mimetypes-pdf-icony  [O-3] || W. De Donato, D. Ciuonzo, G. Aceto, A. Montieri and A. Pescapè, “A system for reliable and scalable ground truth generation and traffic classification of mobile apps encrypted traffic,” Poster Session at the Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), London, Nov. 2017.

Mimetypes-pdf-icony  [O-2] || D. Ciuonzo, “Statistical Signal Processing for Data Fusion,” Ph.D. Thesis – Feb 1, 2013.

Mimetypes-pdf-icony  [O-1] || F. Palmieri and D. Ciuonzo, “Objective Priors from Maximum Entropy in Data Classification,” Technical Report, DII-SUN, tlc.dii.unina2.it – Feb 4, 2011.


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