Paper accepted in IEEE TSP 2017

Our paper:

D. Ciuonzo, A. Aubry and V. Carotenuto,  “Rician MIMO Channel- and Jamming-Aware Decision Fusion”

has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.

The present work analyzes channel-aware DF in a MIMO scenario with a statistical Rician fading and develops rules which are robust to jamming interference.


Appointed Mentor for the “AESS Professional Networking and Mentoring Program”

I have been recently appointed as Mentor for the “AESS Professional Networking and Mentoring Program”. Further details can be found at:

This is intended to provide help and guidance to young researchers in AESS-related fields. My technical interests cover:

  • Information and Data Fusion;
  • Networked Sensor Systems;
  • Radar and Array Signal Processing;
  • Statistical Signal Processing; Machine Learning.

Paper accepted in IEEE Sensors Journal (Oct. 2014)

Our journal paper

P. Salvo Rossi, D. Ciuonzo, T. Ekman and H. Dong, “Energy Detection for MIMO Decision Fusion in Underwater Sensor Networks”, IEEE Sensors Journal.

has been accepted for publication in IEEE Sensors Journal.

The paper proposes and studies energy detection test as a sub-optimal (but feasible) fusion rule for MIMO decision fusion in underwater wireless sensor networks.

Paper published IEEE TWC 2013

Our journal paper

[J-7] || D. Ciuonzo, G. Romano and P. Salvo Rossi, “Performance Analysis and Design of Maximum Ratio Combining in Channel-Aware MIMO Decision Fusion“, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 12, no. 9, pp. 4716 – 4728, September 2013

appears in the current issue (Sep. 2013) of IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. The manuscript provides a detailed theoretical study of the inexpensive maximum-ratio combining (MRC) fusion rule in channel-aware MIMO decision fusion scenario.