Paper accepted in Elsevier DSP 2017

Our paper:

D. Ciuonzo and P. Salvo Rossi,  “On the Asymptotic Distribution of Time-Reversal MUSIC Null Spectrum,”

has been accepted for publication in Elsevier Digital Signal Processing.

The present work studies analyzes high-SNR distribution of the Time-Reversal Multiple Signal Classification (TR-MUSIC) spectrum in the case of a co-located multistatic narrowband scenario.


Paper Accepted in IEEE SPL 2017

has been accepted for publication in IEEE Signal Processing Letters

The present work develops and analyzes computational time-reversal by means of composite hypothesis testing tools and invariance principle so as to propose a framework for more challenging illumination scenes.

Paper accepted in IEEE TSP (Mar. 2015)

Our manuscript:

D. Ciuonzo, G. Romano and R. Solimene,  “Performance analysis of Time-Reversal MUSIC,”

has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing. The present manuscript provides a theoretical MSE (asymptotic) performance analysis of the well-known Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) for time-reversal applications.